Man has always tried to find ONE, preferably simple explanation for every problem he encounters.
The everlasting battle against fear called dualistic thinking. Lets kick that into its rightful grave.

UFO's are either hoaxes or real, extraterestial or secret governement projects.
Are all fruit apples?

If you place some baskets before you and start to sort out the numerous reports abundantly presented in many books and video's you will find yourself convinced UFO's exist. But what do they represent?

What is our definition of extra-terestial? Lets start with what is thought when using the word terestial-life and reality. Mathematics teaches us that we experience our world mainly from a three-dimensional point of view. Other dimensions are as real as ours but we are not tought to recognise signs of their existence such as intuition, dreams, altered states of conciousness, ESP, OBE's and the like.Science tends to ignore because it only complicates things and we want answers instead of a whole lot of new questions. So we are used to think of terestial reality as limited to our known three dimensions and the stuff we can grab a hold of with our equaly three dimensionaly defined senses. Like a chicken mankind has drawn himself a square around its habitual picking-area and we simply ignore there's a whole world out there and sometimes are convinced it is theoreticaly impossible anything is "real" outside of our little square. It is high time we snapped out of that self inflicted mesmoretic state.

Having expanded our minds and no more always believing what we are told we can look with fresh and enlighted eyesight to the evidence.
If you pick up a random cosmic piece of rock, like on this earth, there is more than likely some form of life going to crawl from under it. It is very unlikely this life is going to resemble what we are used to on earth. If it happens to do so it might be a giant praying mantis used to temperatures of stars and with a background of intergalactic travel and ways that are even stranger than that of the Japanese [no offence intended]. If any contact is made it will be them that will adjust to our level of consiousness and if they have any wisdom will choose a form that doesn't scare the shit out of us. The more evolved species might prefer to become walk-ins to blend in and stamp their mark undetected. Less developed and/or benign species will zap in and out our realm a little confused themselves. To some species time will probably no longer be a lineair thing.
A little thought: is there any "dead matter"? The answer is no. Everything is consiousness.

I think the stage is pretty much set for any kind of life popping up at unexpected angles out of the woodwork.

Evidence of former ET contact is available and the fact our noses are rubbed into it at present is because of the worldspread lightning fast media and the fact that the Earth as a whole is evolving towards an extra dimension or two. So the woodwork is getting transparent and presents a "wall that was not there before" to those species that are already used to traveling in more than three dimensions.

Back to the question:

Some UFO's are defenitely visitors from "other" worlds.

Some are defenitely "black project" flying machines.

If you watch discovery channel occasionally you will find that some UFO-reportings tend to be frequent near secret military air bases. You will also learn the US Defense is spending 30 billion on unknown activities. Some UFO's did crash and were recovered.

Now lets try this for size:

There was and is a secret military effort consuming billions that is kept so secret even the US president might be kept (partly) in the dark. NASA is a white operation and probably doesn't know either. The so called grey projects such as the F117 Stealth and the B2 are based on encorporated knowledge gathered from the black UFO recoveries. Some alien technology is being fed into grey and white domain projects for further development and/or to boost performance on those levels. At least some of it is kept in the black projects. That might include a propulsion system. It is possible some kind of exchange program was started through some captured aliens [greys?] which would involve lets say technical knowledge in exchange for some DNA to be aquired through a number of allowed abductions. That technical knowledge might include a fleet of space-vehicles and a martian base called Phobos. There might even be going on a post-cold black war in space including the star-wars program [now turned black] and cooperation with an alien race. To bad for NASA who gets frustrated with al those Mars-probes getting lost and budgets tightened.

I admit this does sound a little over the edge but i think it is not that far from the real thing.

At the other end of the spectrum, related to alien abductions:
I was sitting on a not to comfortable chair on my hotel-room balcony as about the only guest in a hotel 15 k`s of Olympia, Greece. It must have been late in the afternoon because it was already dark. I was tired from the day and just watching the starry night for NATO planes. The Kosovo war was going on. A little star or satelite like light moving fast and not in a straight line in the sky cought my attention and i said with my mind it was OK for them to come over. The light vanished as quick as it appeared and three fire-fly like quick dancing lights in a bush nearby signalled their approach. I dosed of in a second and found three little crossings between dressed rats and cousin Its from the Adams family who where initially invisible but on thought communication terms, playing around whith my, in their eyes, extremely large limbs. They became visible as soon as i accidently lay down on one of them and i told them to adjust. I guess Earth was in one of their travel brochures. They were like kids, open and playfull. A wonderfull experience.

In between there might be a category of time travellers from Earth's future and/or past, but i can find few if any leads in the reports i've read. And what about that recent sighting of a collosal mile wide triangular craft with lights that hovered over Flagstaff? One would expect at least some enthousiastic or scared reaction in the media. Black project contact or just putting the lid on it to avoid mass-hysteria?

I feel it is high time to openly discuss the subject of UFO's and ET's. If somebody sees a big cat in a tree somewhere all hell breaks lose but shoulders seem to be shrugged in reaction to a mile wide spaceship! Think it over and let me know.

I hope this kind of paints the background for a better understanding of remarkable events that passed by and are still condensing into our reality. You are encouraged to fill in the picture and even to adjust the background if you find it nescesary. Don't forget i told you so though! Any remarks, additions and opposite views are welcomed at this E-mail adress or use the "mail me" button on the opening page.

Thanx for your attention ...