Solarlotus on NESARA, 23 April 2005






Along with the great news and signs, the cabal will raise its nasty energies... hold the thoughts of what you want to this new world to be - its very reality...keep that strong in your focus.

In the past we saw many many signs of the announcement and yet the cabal continues.  SO where is the validity of ANY sign of NESARA emerging if no result occurs?


Did it occur to anyone that we have had countless signs over these years and no result or do you live in the future and cling to the hope that these next signs will do it.  If this is the case you are part of the problem.  You are that which holds back the whole.  Some of you, though, use the signs of NESARA emerging as a reference point to validate the inner work done by all of us. 

This is well placed value of the signs. For those who think NESARA will solve their personal problems in will not find you in the must find results for your debts, poverty, best you can until the ONE opens the door.  For if you think of NESARA as a life fix ...hmmm....then how is life really different, problem - problem solved - or is it? 


NESARA entails the upliftment of humanity on all levels...are you already doing your part to solve the problems of your life that are within your controls and abilities?  If not I sincerely have a sense that NESARA will not find you. People must grow beyond the recovery of debts, the materialism that DOVE drew your minds to...granted she got your attention and to that we shall be indebted...all else has been the very stoppage of NESARA itself.


In the "present" we demand NESARA from within us every minute, like a heartbeat.  Signs are budding evidence that the ONE is exacting its desires, as a result of our work of ONE.  But if we stop there and look at the beginning signs then?  Nah..keep not stop no matter what illusion presents itself - be it sign or cabal action.  It IS illusion, the controls, the cabal..all of it..and each person and group is playing their part. See beyond the illusion and know yourself with the ONE. We rise as a whole new nation, a new world.  It never was the USA to do for was and me.  It is never a soldier, a whiteknight, a wealthy visionary, all these took you from us..and you allowed.  Now we ask you to return home and help us make NESARA so. EXACT your birthright, your divine power and awaken the energies for NESARA to emerge and then our whiteknights and all others will do their part to implement your energies.


Perhaps we become a bit slack always being told that all will occur and who is doing it (sigh) - WE allow every delay, WE take responsibility for allowing it to be so.  Do not pay attention to those dancing around announcing this or that, for it pulls you into 3D actions and we each are here to bring earth into a higher dimension that can receive NESARA.  Do you see now why I react to those pulling your energy away from yourselves to see the presumed actions of others?  If you are caught up in the posts as are part of 3D, a place where a person just "hopes" for NESARA.  Granted we are infusing rays of higher dimensions into all dimensions ...but those of you on 3D still need to stir out of this puddle. Hoping won't cut must understand that how you are with your own life, how you are with others...we are a unfoldment  - hoping is something that does not exist in the present..only the present create change in all directions.   


You MUST understand the power of your thoughts...flow with all positive thoughts and add great energy to the lovelight on the planet. The energy that brings NESARA forth is from each one of you...each...and is not the things you see on the websites...for that take us back into the externalization and 3D mentality....YOU, each one of you creates the change that is to come.  It is NOT a group, a person, it is the whole.  NESARA is manifested from within us...and until that is clearly understood, that deep power granted to all of us, to the one, then delays will continue, cabal will continue which they do - right? 


All data regarding the signs is the same same same same ..and keeps when do people realize that it is NOT an external process?  The cabal has not stopped at all...we are doing the same thing - so what makes you think it is different this time...NESARA was to download from the towers on September 11...  WHEN do we as a ONE, understand that any delay, any continuance of cabal, is up to us.  WHEN?  I ache when I hear the applause and crazed attitudes when certain events take IS taking place within you...the change you crave, the release

from the is found within each sacred heart...  The minute you focus on the external signs, questions pop into your mind...when you act and know from inside yourselves and in the ONE, you will understand and no longer dance like puppets in the the hooks put to bait you.  At that moment you put your energy into the momentarily leave us...know what is needed more than with the ONE.


Do NOT get caught up in the external events for then you will not hold your light in the same way...just relax.  How do we awaken to the ONE - do good works, love, be kind, fill your communities with light and doing loving actions that demonstrate love to yourself. Then one day you will find you simply slip into the "one" energy. Have NESARA alive in your heart for then it is ofthe heart of humanity. Be of love - that is the path home.


Do not assume that even NESARA itself will solve your problems. In fact, the more you do from within yourself and how you share your lovelight - that is what will change this earth ultimately more...for it is that energy which is like a drop of oil...and all the oil droplets will run into one...and create a mighty sacred flame from the oil lamp of humanity.


NESARA is not about those who say they are in charge of NESARA for if that were the case would we not have seen it before?  If the ascended ones and galactic forces could aid and would unless you are not awake...did it occur to anyone that it all sits in our laps, with us, you and me? ...that the heaven's wait upon US?  Mari-Elise channeled El Morya...who clearly states lose you fondness for 3D...with love they remove your grip on 3D...

just let go. 


And in the energy of that post is a clear note that we must release and begin creating our new 5D.  Release the old ways. 

Release the polarity, release the churchy stuff, release the ego...release all the heavy lies that religions and all else perpetrate to hold you in bondage. Ask yourself one very strong question...did anything you did before or others, did it bring NESARA...absolutely NOT.  Think hard what is missing....yes eventually the ONE will pull all into reality - how long are you willing to wait?


The Dutch NESARA site ( has two quotes that also are the energy of NESARA:  "If you ever thought that you were too small to make a difference... try sleeping in a room with a mosquito. "  ...and this one..."It is better to light a single candle than to curse all the darkness."  Let us be as one sacred flame.


It is great to see signs...but my question to you is what shall you do with that energy?  Can or will you connect into the truth of what is the birth of is US...not USA...US - you and me.  As a one we do create a great nation...not the USA...but US, the ONE.


Sometimes despite association,  Mike Quinsey and Sheldon Nidle confirm the knowings in our hearts.  Personally, I still feel some real data does emerge from the work of these two...Remember to gain your knowing from within FIRST and then if it is confirmed externally, fine, if it is manifested externally, fine...but stay within and you find that there is a wonder beyond your deepest desires.  One bit that comes to mind from something Sheldon Nidle channeled April 5 2005 which confirms again what is written above:


"Never forget that you all are powerful Beings. Many of you have come from the highest regions of Heaven that stand by the throne of the Almighty! Your power is immense. Use it, and the wonders promised by the divine plan can be yours with very little delay. We can say this because those aligned with the dark have underestimated you. ....Reconnect to your True Self, your "I AM" presence, and let this sacred Creator Self reveal to you your role in bringing forth your new reality. Recognize in the core of your Being how powerful you are and go forth! Remember, Together, We are Victorious! "-Sheldon Nidle


For those of you who bemoan the delays and are not...just as you exist, NESARA exists.  It is not a factor of anything outside of you...if you are disappointed then you are outside of yourself.  Go home within and be in peace...for as you will become and awaken and remember so will NESARA come forth.  If you hold peace within will see NESARA all the sooner.  If you are ruffled in your mind then how can you receive the visitors awaiting this grand party.  If you are judging and controlling, how can you hear the other hearts?  Listen WITHIN my loves...WE are NESARA...remember that as your heart seeks. Any  moment your mind moves to wondering if this or that is accomplished...then you are no longer with us...stay within, stay home and move mountains. Is a bit like a treasure hunt but usually that which is best hidden is right under your is you.


The fruit of NESARA will arrive when you awaken enough and understand the mechanics of what is really occurring.  NOTHING has worked so then you MUST consider this very real possibility that this is accomplished initially internally.  Maharishi used to say, "do less and accomplish more"...this is deeply true right now...deeply. Jai Guru Dev. 


Be within sweet baby(innocent) humans and love and be kind and hold deep and close to your heart your most pure desires, to bring forth lasting peace, freedom, NESARA, abundance, healing ..feel US within you...






















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