Mishima Cyber Command Mission Statement in

The Fortuyn Murder Case Investigation

By Kamakura


MCC will show and expose the true background to the Prof. Fortuyn murder as it took place on the 6th of May 2002 in Hilversum, The Mediapark

MCC is able to do so on the basis of the unique and international composition of its Prof. Fortuyn Taskforce, which consists of some very dedicated and commited investigative journalists and ex-members of various Asian and American intelligence services working under a set of conditions and codes as outlined by our leader and teacher Miss. Oyako Shimura.

Why we placed emphasis on this particular political murder that took place in a small European country will become painfully clear in the course of the coming few weeks while the story unfolds. It wil be shown that the Prof. Fortuyn murder can be be understood as the result of a large number of factors conversing into a very specific region in time and space where it was Prof. Fortuyn who was sacrificed for the sins of the House Of Orange-Nassau (The Royal House of The Netherlands) accumulated through its primary, this in conjunction with The House of Windsor, and leading role in the Black Nobility ruling both in Europe as in the US. Subsequent articles and contributions will proof this to be a true statement.

Why did the murder take place and who ordered it?

In the coming few weeks we will expose and proof that there existed, and to a degree still exists, a conspiracy in which the following individuals and organizations are involved for four reasons as outlined below.

1) Narcotics/weapons line

The Mena (Arkansas)/Parimaribo/Rotterdam/Pristina/Adana/Tripoli (Lebanonon)/Ryad weapons/narcotics line which in part financed and armed Ben Laden for his CIA sponsored operations in Afganistan

Reason for (1) to be included as one of the reasons contributing to the decision to eliminate Prof. Fortuyn is the circumstance that Prof. Fortuyn, would he have become the Dutch Prime Minister in the 2002 elections (which on the 6th of May was practically certain), was on the verge to expose the Dutch leg of this line. Partly due to information planted on him by Mrs. Bijlhout, a former and current operative for ex Dictator Mr. Bouterse of Surinam, with the objective to influence him to bring out the Bouterse part of the story which would have had a major impact of key people within the Dutch Political Establishment including members the House Of Orange-Nassau and affiliates. We will show that the following organizations and individuals played a key role in the decision making process in the context of (1)

The Bush Family (father and son)
Dutch former Prime Minister Kok
Docters van Leeuwen (former head of BVD)
Mr. Teeven (currently member of parliament for the Leefbaar Nederland party)
Mr. Korthals (former Minister of Justice)
The BVD (Dutch Intelligenge now AIVD)
The CID (Dutch intelligence servse specialized on international crime)
The House Of Orange-Nassau

2) European Union/Bilderberg

Prof. Fortuyn's intended European Policies were perceived as detrimental by consequence of their impact, and this certainly in conjucnction with (1), to the rest of Europe and the objective of creating and implementing a European Superstate. In the course of the coming weeks detailed proof will be presented showing the validity of our statments in this respect.

Key names and organizations involved in this aspect of the decision-making process are:

The House Of Orange
Mr. Bolkenstein (EU and prominent Bilderberger)
Mr. Kok
The Bilderberg group
AIVD (formerly BVD)

3) The JSF Contract

Prof. Fortuyn's intended rejection of the JSF contract as he even personally made clear during a visit at the American Embassy in The Hague (proof that this visit actually took place and with who will be released in shortly)

Key names and organizations involved in this aspect of the decision-making process are:

The House Of Orange (longtime defender of the interests of the American Military-Industrial Complex)
Mr. Bolkenstein
Mr. Herber (planted in the LPF party by forces in the Dutch Military Establishment), who directly after the murder took effective control over LPF and rapidly implemented a change in policy favorable to the JSF contract.
Mr. Blaauw (Dutch MP, who via his wife, an employee of the American Embassy The Hague, is linked to ODC and DoD)

4) The Dutch eco-mafia and collusion-system

Prof. Fortuyn intended to expose of the Dutch Political and Juridical establisment and its subservience to the House Of Orange, as well as its operation of a widespread collusion-system corrupting most, if not all, of its services, departments, and ministries. Part of the collusion-system involves the florishing Dutch eco-mafia which was one of the reasons for the application of the current murder suspect as a prominent member of the Dutch eco-scene.

Key names and organizations involved in this aspect of the decision-making process are:

Mr. Donner (current Minister of Justice)
Mr. Korthals (ex Minister of Justice)
Mr. Haak (currently leading the Pim Fortuyn security investigation, the Dutch Warren Commision)
Mr. Pronk
Mr. Hoekstra (Member of the Dutch Warren Commision)
The House Of Orange

It will be shown that the sum of 1 through 4 formed the required consensus for a high publicity, political murder to have been implemented and the subsequent effective cover-up.

Further it will be shown that the current murder suspect has been a longstanding AIVD mole within the Dutch eco-scene and acted out a role which is very similar to the role played by Lee Harvey Oswald in the JFK murder. It probably can be proven that there was a second (actually primary) highly qualified hitman, who fired the two first shots, hired in from a contractor close to Syrian Intelligence. The same contractor who earlier handled the murder of Mr. van Traa in the Netherlands, about which we will provide further details in the coming few days.