Magdalen Conclave Meditation - Ceremony of the Five Lights

"I am a lightning bolt from the heart of Isis,
sent to awaken the heart of the feminine upon this earth."

Mary Magdalen


On April 9-11 over two hundred people from all over the world will gather in a hotel in Northern Virginia, right across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C. People are coming from around the world to join us in high ritual with Mary Magdalen. It is the intention of Mary Magdalen, whose "sounds" will be channeled through Tom Kenyon, to shift the collective consciousness of the planet toward greater balance between male and female during this gathering.
We are engaging this ritual along a triangulation of gridlines about a mile, as the crow flies, from the Pentagon and about three miles from the White House, very close to the alchemical geometry of Washington, D.C.
This event is occurring, by no accident, during the time period we call Easter, and is appropriately titled "Resurrection," for it is Magdalen's intention to work with the electromagnetic grids of the planet to literally shift the collective consciousness toward that of greater balance?to resurrect the feminine to a place of equality. This truly would be a resurrection!
She has said this will not result in some "instantaneous monumental visible" shift in the outer in the moment, but that, likewise, nothing would ever be the same again after this gathering. What will happen, she says, is that as a result of this event, women all over the world will begin to stand up. And that "standing up" will likely be different for each of us. For some that may mean saying ?no;? and for some, that may well mean saying "yes." She has also said that the result of what we will do in this gathering will ultimately create greater balance on this planet, which will act to shift the earth toward becoming a more benevolent environment to life.
For those unable to be present with us, but who wish to join in world service, Magdalen has given us two processes. One is very simple, and requires nothing more than heartfelt connection and meditation. The other process she has given is more ritualistic, and more closely matches what we will be doing as a group. We invite you to join us on Sunday afternoon, April 11, between 2:30 pm and 4 pm East Coast time. We will be doing this ritual in session during those hours. You are invited to join us for as much of that time as you are drawn to share.
Magdalen offered other material during our recent conversations, and we thought some of those comments might also be of interest to you.
Magdalen said, "Ritual is an outer expression of a movement within the deepest self, and what generates the movement of power is in your own soul. You are the generator. So ritual, in essence, is a level of intention held in the deepest level of psyche that correspondents with a specific movement in the outer."
"The angelics respond to one's heartfelt thought, instantaneously. Some call it a prayer, but it is actually an intent. One must understand that there is no barrier between the angelic and the human realms of creation, so?understanding that there is no veil between oneself and the Angelics?one simply asks, through deeply held thoughts and feelings, that the angels assist in removing the obstacles to deep meditation and then they respond."
We asked her who the Angels are, to her understanding and she said, "Angels are messengers from the mind of the Divine. You might think of them as cosmic neurotransmitters."
When we asked her about whether life had purpose, she said it did have purpose, though it was clear that she knew it was hard to know that while living a life sometimes, and she said, "When you're in it, it's like being in a tight shoe. But it's the evolution of God in matter."
She suggests that the candles should be white and she clarified that at one level, the candles represent love, truth, justice, mercy, and courage.


The Ceremony

Directions as given by Mary Magdalen for those who cannot be present.

"For those who wish to join the Conclave in spirit, we offer two meditations.
The first is the simplest form. And the second will take you into a deeper alignment.
The simplest form of the meditation would be to light a single white candle, whether alone or in a group, and to read my statement about what the conclave is about, to bring oneself into alignment with our intention, and then to sit in contemplation and do what one is drawn to do internally, being with the insights and realizations that arise.
The second is a more complex form of the meditation for those who are called to work with more ritual. It involves five white candles, which represent the five movements of energy that will take place during the Conclave. All five candles sit within a 90-degree arc. You can obtain a simple draftsman compass, which is quite inexpensive and can be obtained at most stores that carry school supplies. Mark out a 90-degree arc so that it forms the shape of a "pie slice" with its tip pointing towards you. It does not matter how large you make the imaginary pie slice (so long as it is 90 degrees wide). The candles will be placed along this 90-degree arc in particular ratios?either in a straight line or in a semi-circle, however you so choose.
Place the first candle on the far left at 0 degrees (the farthest left side of the pie slice). Place the second candle 18 degrees to the right of the first candle. Then place the third candle 27 degrees to the right of the second candle. This will put it squarely in the centerline of the imaginary pie slice, or 45 degrees from the first candle. Next, place the fourth candle 27 degrees to the right of the center (or third candle). This will put it at 72 degrees. The fifth and final candle is placed 18 degrees to the right of the fourth candle. This will put the fifth candle squarely at 90 degrees at the far right side of the imaginary pie slice.
If you have a magnetic compass, locate magnetic north and arrange the third candle (the center one) so that it is in the line of magnetic North. If you don?t have a magnetic compass, simply place the candle as close to North as you can.
Symbolically, the first candle (to the left, at 0 degrees) represents the external female?in other words, those beings currently embodied as women. The second candle (at 18 degrees) represents the internal or archetypal feminine. The center candle (at 45 degrees) represents the non-dual source of all things; neither masculine nor feminine it is pure transcendent consciousness itself. The fourth candle (at 72 degrees) represents the internal or archetypal masculine. The fifth candle (at 90 degrees) represents the external masculine?in other words, those beings currently embodied as men. The Ritual of the Five Lights focuses upon the internal three candles.
The significance of the placement and ratios is based upon esoteric and angelic knowledge. For instance, when shifting from one dimension of consciousness to another, the most efficient course is often a 90 degree angle. This is the path that most of the angels use.
In the Conclave we will be attempting to shift human consciousness into another dimension collectively, and we will do this using a 90 degree angle and in five energetic steps. Those who wish to do the more complex meditation are invited to light these five candles and to read what was said about the Conclave, in my words. And they may do this intermittently throughout the Conclave. However, the most potent focal point will be on Easter Sunday from 2:30pm Eastern Standard Time until 4 pm. The most significant moment of the highest ritual will occur at 3:33PM. During this phase?I invite you to go deep inside?invite you to enter into the deepest state of meditation?and I request that each person doing this asks for angelic assistance and indeed the angels will escort you into the deepest inner sanctum of your own being.
Here, in the deepest state of quiescence, I would ask that you hold an image of the sun and of the full moon?understanding that the sun represents the solarized masculine aspect of consciousness, and the moon represents the feminine aspect of consciousness. The sun would be to the right and the moon to the left. Imagine these two orbs of light hovering above a vast body of water and their light entering into this body of water. And be in this state of meditation for as long as possible, understanding that the intent is to hold the sun and moon as symbols of male and female in perfect balance and equality and that the water represents the deep primordial consciousness of collective humanity. We will be doing something very similar to this at the Conclave at this time. For those of you who cannot be at the Conclave and choose to commit yourselves to this deeper state of meditation, I give you my deepest thanks."
Mary Magdalen.

Resurrection Statement

Magdalen's statement about the Conclave to be read aloud to get into the alignment of intention.

This Conclave, called Resurrection, is about the rising of the feminine in balance to the male, the resurrection of sacred relationship and the honoring of Earth in relation to Spirit.
It is no coincidence that this takes place in the capitol of one of the world's greatest patriarchies. So we come to resurrect life, and we come to resurrect relationship.
Sacred relationship is made sacred by the intention of those involved. It is an agreement to express divinity and sovereignty to each other and to the world. It demands appreciation of the beloved and a commitment to honesty and to holding each other in the highest regard. This stands in stark contrast to how relationship is expressed by most people. Culturally, the feminine is relegated to a lesser position of power, financial security and social status. The Earth element, being feminine, is relegated to being a slave, her resources plundered and her wellbeing disregarded.
Within the patriarchy, the male principle of consciousness is so self-fascinated that it is unable to step out of the miasma it has created. This has resulted in, and continues to create, tremendous damage to the Earth and to the destiny of humanity as a whole.
Historically, the feminine has, for needs of survival, relegated herself to a place of being a servant to the male, and this is still largely the case. Sacred relationship, in this epoch, requires that the male elevate the feminine to a place of equality and that the female elevate herself within her own consciousness. This is a radical action, and only those with spiritual courage and fortitude will be capable of attaining it.
So how is this Conclave about sacred relationship? It is an invitation to those men who shall be present and for those men energetically aligned with this event, to step up to bat, to use a very American metaphor, and to hold women and the Earth herself, in high regard, not higher regard than themselves, but as equals. And this event is an invitation for those women who shall be present at this event and those aligned with the energetics of this event, to also step up to bat and find the spiritual courage to speak their truth and in some cases, to even discover what their truth is.
We are, in a very real sense, attempting to tip the scales to usher in what we are calling the Resurrection, for it will assist to resurrect the feminine in balance to the male and resurrect life on Earth, not upward into the higher realms, as some imagine it to be, but resurrect the Earth and all life into a place of being honored and stewarded by humanity.
We invite you to join us.
Let those who have eyes to see, see.
Let those who have ears to hear, hear.
Let those who have neither, pass on.

Mary Magdalena