Kryon explaines Illuminati, Illumined and Illuminari.




Hello! You asked for assistance? (Editor: the channel) As you already know a lot in the worlds history is very unclear to you. Luckily the information and history is available for all who can read the Akashic records. Of course you all upon Earth these days have trouble with going back in time for their has been something like a breach of tendency in these records so you can only read, appropriately, the history from now to 335640 years ago (just a guess). For your question the time frame isnít relevant at this moment.


The question is about the Illuminati, the Illumined and the other group: Illuminari. Yes, I tease my channel for she has lost the memory inside about the other name of the group. There were indeed 3 major parts in the playing field at that time. Just mark my words, major parts, there were others but they didnít influence the history of the world at that time.

These days the Illuminati are known as the group controlling the dark agendas and keeping the world in darkness as far as they can go these days.


In history they werenít like that at that time, donít let yourself get fooled by names. The Illuminati you talk about these days are the ones from other planets. The Illuminati which were in a power struggle over profound spiritual issues where just a group strongly developed people who were at the very power basis of their society at that time. They were the upper class, and their schools, temples and healing centers dominated the world.


There was also another group trying to counteract the domination of the Illuminati. They also had their own schooling programs, their devices and spiritual teachings.

The big heap of the power struggle was behind closed doors. Every group had its own connections with aliens who gave advise and so on. It was a time of the fight for spiritual domination through the people who are living influenced by aliens.

Still Earthís energy supply, the natural resources, are very large for off-world cultures, and still the issue of world domination is in the focus of lots of aliens. Thanks to the special protection, the divine issue and the acceleration of spiritual growth upon your Earth you can prevent more domination then what you have already. With the spiritual growth you eventually can get rid of any domination, for that is the power you have, and that was the power the Illuminari claimed as their own. Unfortunately the Illuminari where just a small group with the best interest for all at heart and were the true children of mother Earth.

Mother Earth noticed that her true children wouldnít make it in the power struggle so she advised the group to hide and give the genes of the group the chance to influence the others from inside out. This sounds a bit like a Draconian deal for the ones who are known to their practice. It was the only solution mother Earth saw for redeeming the action of power struggle by aliens in the future. The genes of this group have been sleeping for ages and passed through to all other humans. While they were sleeping, not being of interest to the Draconians, Greys and other aliens, the genes could go their way and become a time-bomb for humanity and give a boost to the spiritual development in the very time you are living right now.


With the awaking of the genes from the Illuminari the controlled Illuminati are a bit uneasy about the outcome of their power play. They pulled the same trick for ages, and of course they succeeded. The rules are changed and the rules of the play are changed inside themselves, for they are influenced by those genes. You can try hard to prevent the change but when you didnít see the danger you are in the middle of it before you know it. The genes are activated by the photon belt and this is the very prediction lots of prophets and visionaries saw in history.

There are of course more energy waves that influence the awaking of the genes of the Illuminari, it is just that the time is right to go back to where you all come from.

Back to the light.


What about the Illumined? What happened with them? Some history is still available in the Bible, being a history book of different alien races, a history book of some tales of the old ages. In history the ways of man werenít friendly towards their conquered opponents, just like nowadays I would say. So no man lived long enough to see the results of the battlefield and the women and girls, as carriers of the values, teachings and culture of the Illumined, didnít see any dawn after the battle. In these days the suicide rate because of spiritual influence was very high. It was just a matter of fact of influencing the grief and sadness of the loss of a beloved father, children, brothers, uncles and so on. The Illumined had a strong culture with strong warm family ties based on the rituals of the moon, the seasons of the Earth with a strong guidance from the Sirians at that time. The Sirians werenít the only ones with influence in the lifestyle of the Illuminari. You could say that the power struggle of the galactic wars had been persevered upon Earth. See the information on internet that is already available on this topic.


I know that a few questions will be raised upon the spiritual ideas and ideals of all the groups in the power struggle. Unluckily it wasnít only a spiritual based disagreement. In that way the influences could be overcome with mixing, intermingling and marriages between the different groups. In that way the cross fertilizing of different cultures would have solved the problem. It was just the last struggle of war in the universe played out upon Earth. With this, the fall of Lucifer was completed.


This is why the raise and resurrection of Lucifer to his original splendor is the planned outcome of the ascension of you and mother Earth. When you succeed in the task before you, you will free Lucifer and give the Earth the change to continue on the original path of development. Lucifer will be in time your Angel of Light and a guidance for the next planet of freewill, as the beloved Angel of Light in service to all. Some will assist him as they do now with helping the Earth ascending. This is for most of you the assessment where you qualify yourself, at this very moment, with your individual path of spiritual awaking and resurrection of your genes.


You live in a blessed time awaited for ages. With next questions I will be glad to be of service and assistance because in history the clues of what is happing to Earth and you are revealed.


With Greetings from home, with respect and gratitude for all of your accomplishments, goodbye for now,