Admiral Byrd's log

The Sirians explain: inner Earth and Agharta.

Kryon explaines: Illuminati, Illumined & Illuminari.

For those of short attention span:

The Truth, the whole Truth and

nothing but the Truth !!!!!


Right here !!!

[Thanks a mill mr. Bellringer, we needed that ...]

The Truth about Jezuits, Illuminati, the Roman Catholic Church, royalty, presidents, politics, civil servants
and how we are being used, raped and killed worse than cattle :


Companies rule, not democracy or royalty.
WO II was staged, like the cold war.
The final battle is NOW. Time for some people to move away ...

Not beating around the Bushes :

"Shock therapy for a brain dead world"

Try to keep yer Hatonn this one !

Sin is STUPIDITY - inability to put 2 & 2 together to make 4.
Stupidity is the only unforgivable sin in the World of Cosmic Order.

How windmills turn and who wear the Wooden Shoes

the Dutch connection

The Phoenix archives

UFO's : as real as the kitchen table !

A small personal essay.


Good old fashioned stunning stone hard

evidence !!! Check out this testimony:

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[It's the]


Mr. Billy Eduard Meier

Real clear UFO pictures ! Semjase is a babe 8-)).


Apollo astronauts wave at Hatonn and find moon already collonized,
by an American/Russian/Alien combined effort.

Dates, names, places, the works !

"Space Gate, the veil removed"

Mr. Bush jr. goes through the shredder in this one !

Main Illuminati nest : Geneva !