Maya Temple         

Interesting "Hindu" temple in Indonesia. Real juicy von Dänicken stuff.


Interesting every day beach pic (nice girl too). Just high-tech stuff not common knowledge, yet, hoppin' the north sea.

About motherships

A glimpse of universal life in a listing of alien races.

(Derived from


Wingmakers are here & the Arcturians on healing time-lines

Dogs are stupid.

(And your name is Albert Einstein.)

The Inhabitants of our Solar System.
(That includes us folks.)

And some animals, like dolphins for example...

St. Germain on the Origin of Earth and Hu-mans.

Sa Lu Sa on the Origin of Earth and Hu-mans.

The Sirians on the Origin of Earth and Hu-mans.

Area 51.

How meeting and working with our space friends realy is.

Introducing: Grand Duchen Lomas, from Sirius

Love + intent + thought + acceptance of what is = allowance = manifestation

Sovereign commander Korton Toltec from the Ashtar Command.

SaLuSa from Sirius on first contact and some historic facts.

The Sirians with a damn good overview on what they are here for.

Ela of Arcturius with a very clear status on First Contact.

The Group: Greetings from Home!

Human - Human Angel - Angel

The Incident at Ciudad del Carmen Campeche

Why pets are fun.

Mr. Billy Eduard Meier

Real clear UFO pictures ! Semjase is a babe 8-)).