Puttaparthi pictures & some Baba pics.

•   Baba swings!  [MP3]

•   Parthi originals  [MP3]

•   Divine harmonics  [MP3]

Matthew with all the basics.

St. Germain: what do you want out of life?

World peace within.

Tikele message, week of 16th of februari 2005.

St. Germain on our God image.

Michael on Creation/God

it's short; it's clear

om prema

love manifest

on earth as is in heaven

New: Sai Baba Gita in PDF.

341 Pages including 21 pictures.


Prema mudita bhajan:

In Real audio by Sai Baba;

newer MP3 version, also sung by Sai Baba.


"Jesus said: Let him who seeks continue seeking until he finds.
When he finds he will become troubled.
When he becomes troubled, he will be astonished, and he will rule over the ALL."

Immanuel. Gospel of Thomas (Nag Hammadi library)


Easter 2004: the myth of "Jesus saves" and white wine.

Salutation to Women

Mother Earth speaks


The true Mary Magdalen story.

"Combined with myself (Sananda), Mary and Buddha is a Trilogy of the One."

Mary of Magdala's call for resurrection of the she+he balance.

An artists impression.

The s+he balance as manifested by Sananda and Nada,

both individually + as twin-flame couple.

These portraits came to us the same way as the Prema Sai Baba picture.

(Read the text that came with the Sananda picture.)

Harmonic Concordance 8:11 :

'Water Initiation of the Divine Feminine'

Relevant Jennifer Lee report

The Truth about the man called Jezus.

Meet the Admiral:

Sananda !



Yeah, it's the Dude from The Shroud folks !

(And the head of the Solar tribunal, lady Nada.)

And He's back (so is she). With a Sword.

How is your wine ?

(The middle one is an actual photo taken in Peru in 1961,
the left image is based on the Shroud of Turin.)

"Only those who are able to serve are worthy to rule."


Xtra, xtra ... read ALL about the man who walked on water ...

The True New Testament

by Sananda and Judas Iscarioth

(in HTML for rapid download, at your service)


Read Patrick H. Bellringer's "Second coming of Christ" document.


The Art of Living by Creator God Aton.

(Feed your system this and live a happy Life filled with humor and compassion.

All you'll ever need, we hope ...)


Who are the Ascended Masters?