The Meaning of Life

SOUL: SOlutionary Undertaking of Life.


The Ra tapes

State of quo
6th of June 2005

"You know you are God, you are capable to be God and you are willing to act like God,
good enough to play the part of God in this universe's game of duality." Sekhmet

"The only problem we have right now is that you gain a better understanding of what you really are." Head of the Illuminati.

The heart of Christ mass

The true Spirit of Christ's mass

Easter, the crucifixion of power of mankind

Make every moment count...

Archangels Michael & Uriel on the healing pond inside


Don't worry, be happy

Meher Baba, a great Indian master born in 1894. A profound being of light and wisdom, he was
strongly connected with Sufism. He did not speak from 1925 until he left his body in 1969.
"Don't worry, be happy" comes from him, a simple phrase which, if followed, has a transforming effect upon one's life.

Remember: life ends at death!

(PowerPoint presentation)

She was only 4 years old, but what she said that morning struck me like a bolt of lightning.

 "I know where people go when they die," she blurted out.

 "Where do they go, princess?"

 "They go back to normal."

And please remember:

Aliens do NOT exist. Thank you 4 watchin' !