Hello are you ready to channel?

Smile. I was waiting.

Letís start.



First speaker of tonight is: Shevalanga.


Hello all. I am glad to be back with you again. My topic of tonight is togetherness. With whom are you in the Western society together? Real together? Understanding, with respect, with freedom without expectations?
None. You are raised with expectations, with doís and doníts considering the expectations of your parents, society. All these are killing the people and are the big reasons of the many deaths through diseases. So letís talk about a Christmas without expectations.


How many of you are going to your parents, or inviting family because it is expected? How many are feeling lonely because the expectations of having holidays with the family and the kids arenít fulfilled? How many are stressing because of the food, because of the Chris mass tree, the clothes and so on?


True Christmas lies in the heart of man, in being together and being able to honor the individuality of each one of you. This is the real Christmas party of a real loving family.


Next, what is Christ mass more then remembering a man who dedicated his whole life to telling people that they are God, like him? And that his father loves him just like he loves us. That made you all also children of the One God. What did he do with his life? Feeding the poor, listening to the condemned people, helping others, teaching ones who werenít allowed to be taught, giving joy and hope to all he encountered. To honor his birthday, it would be fine if you would do the same. And if you consider to change your attitude for Christmas, consider to do this for the rest of the year too. Every day is a good day to remember that you are Christ just like Him.

Thatís all for now folks.



The next speaker of tonight is the Master Himself: Sananda alias Jesus.


In my dayís of the world, the world needed compassion the most. Compassion built from a loving and caring heart to see the God in others and help it developing into a God being upon Earth. This is the most holy task you can do upon Earth for yourself and for your neighbors. And who are your neighbors? Yes, the people who are breathing the same air you are. And when you see how the air is feeding all with love, oxygen, light, messages, and how the air is traveling from the south to the north, from the north to the west, to the east, to the south, and you consider that you all are breathing oxygen from the rainforest, no matter where you live upon earth, the oxygen from the seas, then you will know who your neighbors are.

To be precise you are your own neighbor, just like the poor village women starving to death from the bitter cold due to a earthquake and war in Afghanistan, just like the rich boy using his whims and wines as he likes in the White House, just like The Palestines, and the Jews in Israel, and the Hutsies and the Tutsies, just like the aggressive people in your own city like the ones who donít like to be bothered by normal people, the vipes and the donít haveís like Carl Marx wrote in his bible. He was a good Christian taking good care of my people, for he understood my message without going to church. Some people go to church and donít understand it for eons. Anyhow. This is a Christmas wish I have for you, That you will find the God in yourself and in your neighbor just like me. So compassion will envelope the world and it will be indeed a blessed one.



The next speaker of tonight is just a peasant girl who died yesterday evening.


It was a cold night. We hadnít eaten for weeks. The night became colder and colder. And during the day the sun was blazing fiercely, but we couldnít warm us when the sun was shining. The wind was blowing awfully cold. We were promised food and shelter. And we prayed to Allah to help us out. First my baby brother died. It wasnít a painful death, but my mother was devastated with his death. She started to complain her fate. She had seen too much war, too many deaths of children. Her parents where shot down before her eyes. The Russians werenít that good, the Taliban either, and the Americans promised but didnít help. She lost hope. Without hope you canít live for long. One day she left our encampment and started to wander around. We warned her to stay with us. She didnít care, and one evening she didnít come back. Now she never will come back, no one can live in the freezing cold without blankets or shelter or other persons. As the cold is taking its toll on your energy, the food supply drops, you only start to repeat, dear Allah helps us, help us, help us. Does Allah listen? We didnít know. And the ones who still live, donít know, donít see proof. For Allah provides when there are hands who are willing to help. My fathers eyes where stinging, a glaze in his eyes. He had to bury his parents, his children and his wife. I will wait to help him when it is his time to go. It wonít take long. As a veteran, being disabled, he also has lost his dignity. I know it wonít take long. It doesnít matter how long it takes. For here all need is gone, except of wanting to be with my family living here or on your world. I will wait, then I go in search of my mother.



The next speaker is the angel of mercy.


Some of you know only my other side, as the angel of bringing death to the people. Death is a mercy for the ones who suffer or who want to leave life after fulfilling itís purpose. Mercy for all, being able to bring mercy to all. For death is the same for all. Sometimes I wonder if my arrival would have been postponed when the world you are living is making other choices. I see no mercy in your choices for the ones who are considered. So I can only bring the mercy of death to the people in war, in diseases, with hunger and cold, the ones who are cold treated by the neighbors in their environment. Mercy can be a laugh. Mercy can be an end to suffering. Mercy can be a helping hand. Mercy can be the end to a quarrel, the real forgiveness one gives to oneself and others. Mercy can be the lifting hand towards one in need. Mercy can be part of Gods hand helping you out in a difficult situation. Mercy is Me and I am everywhere when needed and be giving as I am able to give. Like all gifts you need to accept it. And the hardest and toughest one is the biggest mercy I can give. For death is a change to a new life, a new beginning, and a new learning. I free you of your bonds, your weakness, your diseases, your helplessness to what you have made of your own life, without knowing. That is a gift of mercy. You donít have to suffer anymore. And I free you of yourself in this life.


Wherever you give good to the world, you show mercy, and I am your companion at your side, supporting you and guiding you. Donít pray, have mercy on me, or them. Just be mercy yourself. And you will greet me as a long expected, long known friend at the end of your world, at the end of your life.



The next speaker of tonight is the host, Ashtar.


This is the first and most important Christ mass message for now. Maybe others will follow. But with love, compassion, mercy, you will understand Christ mass and the importance to have a holiday like this one.

As I have nothing more to add, I will close connection. See you next time, with love and blessings to all of you.


And of course from us

                         Shevalanga, Sananda, Angel of Mercy and (just call me) Setap (if you wish to give me a name)




and from

                        Hugo and Mari-Elise